Why should Clinics choose Medical Software over Papers? – TGDaily Article

Why should Clinics choose Medical Software over Papers?

There is an overall transition to date from paper to the computer screens. All the paper is becoming outdated and is being replaced by technology, owing to the convenience it provides. Clinics, for instance, are a great example of this transition. Instead of handling all the data regarding the doctors, staff, patients, and bills, handling and storing data become easier. If you are confused about getting a medical software installed, here are a few factors to help you become convinced about it.


While some people might prefer paperwork because it is manual, medical software is far more reliable regarding storage. Papers are always prone to be misplaced or wear and tear whereas storage on the software is very convenient, easy to understand and saves times as well. This technology saves the documents for a longer time.

Tracking Records

Clinics see many patients every day and even more in a year. Especially for the prolonged treatments, doctors often need to refer to patients’ medical history for further treatment. Looking for the records in papers and file can be a very tiresome job, and the chances are that the data is missing the eye. On the other hand, storage in the software can be retracted with just a click of the button in the most convenient way.

Online Data

One of the factors that make the medical software the most convenient options is the availability of the information online. This is helpful especially when the clinics are small in size, and the authorities want to avoid overcrowding. Information like previous prescriptions, medical reports, and schedules appointments can be uploaded online, saving the patients trips to the clinic.

Facilitates Communication

Communication is made easier with the software. Not only doctor to patient communication like we discussed earlier but between doctors and clinics. This works in favor of the patients who travel from country to country or between cities and have to change doctors. Through this technology, doctors can communicate instantly, share data regarding medical cases and work together for projects. This is also effective for the communication of various departments within one hospital.

Storage Space

Storage space might not seem to be a problem initially but is one after some years of operation of the clinic. Records of the doctors, founders, staff, and patients slowly accumulate over the time and are quite a bundle to store. For past references, this information cannot be disposed of thus needs storage space. Medical software makes the storage very convenient and saves the space of cabinets filled with files and paperwork.


Medical record accuracy is one of the principal reason why medical software is a must have. The software eradicates all the chances of human errors enables the production of more accurate and correct data. This enables the patients to have the correct diagnosis. Moreover, the printed prescriptions make them readable by anyone and just not the pharmacists, reducing the chances of wrong medication being consumed.

These factors make medical software a hit among clinics and hospitals. For a greater experience as both, doctors or patients, medical software is a must have.


Electronic Health Records (EHR) needs a high level of funds not only in installing the entire system but also for maintenance purposes. Since EHR is for welfare purposes and is a part of the government’s expenditure. In developing nations, the government does not have that level of investments for such luxuries. Even if they install the systems, the maintenance of this machinery also costs a lot and the chances are that the government might not be able to raise that kind of funds and ignore the fulfillment of the basics.

Training Facilities

Unlike the book records, maintaining Electronic Health Records need special staff. Again, the training cost of the staff is a direct expense to the government and with the lack of funds, is often seen as a luxury more than a necessity. If the workforce is of no use or inappropriately trained, the EHR is useless and can be a dead expense to the investors.

Language Barriers

Most of the times the systems designed to maintain the Electronic Health Records are designed in English. In the developed countries this is fine because most of the countries commonly use English as their primary language and even if they don’t, people in the developed countries are literate enough to understand English. The problem occurs in developing countries where illiteracy rates are already high, and different languages are used. Even the trained workforce would not be able to comprehend the language. NABH certification ensures that Hospital provides the information in the language understandable by patient and caregivers.


Installing Electronic Health Records needs sound internet connections since they are usually linked directly to the web and have the need to the records of other hospitals in various areas and even cities. Thus, it is no rocket science that the efficient operation of EHR depends on a good internet connection to connect to health organization around the globe. In developing countries, wireless internet systems are either non-existent or very weak which nullifies the real use of EHR.


One the major disadvantages online systems like the EHR often go through is hacking. There are hackers who get into these systems and remove the real authorities from access, demanding a ransom to hand it over again. In developed countries, software engineers take measures to make the system hack proof and have ways to take it back, but this is not the case in the underdeveloped parts of the world, making EHR very unreliable.

Despite the numerous advantages of having electronic health records, the undeveloped countries are better off without this technology till the factors above are not looked into.


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